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About intagr8

What We Do

Intagr8 provide support for children and adults affected by mental health issues or addiction. Our aim is to reduce the risk of school exclusions, social isolation, family breakdown and other potential difficulties. We provide support to young people, their families, schools and the wider community to generate an integrated approach to reducing the impact of mental health and addiction issues.

Our policies and aims

We will endeavour to promote, enable and support well-being in personal development, health, education, positive lifestyle choices and career chances for the community of Bideford and, when working with other agencies, other regions. Our specific, named aims are as follows:

How We Work

Intagr8 approach every situation as unique and will work in the most appropriate way for the individual concerned. We can provide personal support plans, liaison with schools, family counselling, advocacy, mentoring, training, support groups and systemic therapy programs. We also offer outreach for more severe mental health illness.

Our Aims


Promoting the health and well-being of the residents of the area and working together as a community regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation recognising the value of our many differences. Work with individuals, couples, families, groups, organisations and communities to support wellbeing, family breakdown, addiction, poverty and any mental health concerns raised.


Enrol, train, manage and provide clinical supervision for a team of volunteers within the local community. Leading to possible work placements and future career enhancement.


Promoting community integration while following safeguarding policies.


To publicise and promote the work. Keep clear and concise records within the confidentiality policies in place. Organise meetings, training courses and events.


Have adequate insurance for all activities and projects.


Involving local people in improving their community and accessing support when needed through community resources. Offer Mentors for youth wellbeing and adults suffering depression, anxiety, loss or any mental health concerns within local community.

Personal Development

To help clients engage in education and work through building new skills and working alongside other agencies such as adult learning, job-centre, volunteer services and local community groups. Gain confidence to try new ideas, promote and encourage new business ideas. Sign post people to gain support to return to work. To carry out and promote both educational workshops and support groups to enable more positive outcomes in community wellbeing. 1:1 counselling and family or community therapy. Overcome barriers to education and work.


To raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the work.


Work cooperatively to promote well-being. Work with local schools, health services and social care. Work with local agencies and groups and exchange information and advice with them within the bounds of confidentiality. Share resources.